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Listed below are ancient Chinese coins from the Six Dynasties (AD420 - 581) for sale

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Item ref: SD21
Item name: Yong An Wu Zhu
Dimension: N/A
Reverse: 4 Rays
Remarks: FD611
Item ref: SD22.3
Item name: Tai Huo Liu Zhu
Price: Sold
Dimension: N/A
Weight: N/A
Remarks: Seal writing, S243
Item ref: SD23.2
Item name: Si Zhu
Price: US$135
Dimension: N/A
Weight: N/A
Remarks: S 215/ FD 562

6 Dynasties coins: pg 1 | pg 2 |

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Ancient Chinese coins: About Six Dynasties

The epoch following the fall of the Han Dynasty was referred to as the 6 Dynasties period (Liu Chao). At that time, the six dynasties were forced to establish their capitals at Nanjing (or Nanking) between AD 222 and 589 because China was all but defenseless against the nomadic hordes. These normads, also known as "Xiong-nu", overrun much of Northern China. Fortunately for the Chinese, their troublsome invaders were not united.

In the South, the Chinese dominance were made up of the following dynasties:
Liu Song AD 420 - 479
Southern Chi AD 479 - 502
Liang AD 502 - 557
Chen AD 557 - 589

In the North, the non-Chinese empires were:
Northern Wei AD 386 - 535
Eastern Wei AD 534 - 549
Western Wei AD 535 - 557
Northern Qi AD 549 - 577
Nothern Zhou AD 557 - 581